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Lapse of Consciousness

 Lapse of Consciousness Defense Experts

If the DMV has withdrawn your privilege to drive for a Lapse of Consciousness or Control, call the DMV Defense Experts at California Drivers Advocates. We have been fighting and winning Lapse of Consciousness Hearings in every Driver Safety Office from Redding to San Diego for many years. We can investigate, prepare and present your defense in a professional and caring manner.

Our Mission

“The mission of California Drivers Advocates is to provide the highest quality representation to our clients at administrative hearings before the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Understanding the freedom to drive is critical to living and working in the State, we will represent our clients with integrity, honesty, professionalism and respect. Remaining accessible, efficient and caring are our daily goals. We understand our clients fear and objectives and will strive to meet or exceed their expectations. We dedicate ourselves to these core values.”

Don’t let the DMV steal your driver license without a fight.

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