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I Received an Order of Suspension or Revocation

I Received an Order of Suspension or Revocation. What should I do?

First of all be calm.  Although the temporary loss of your driving privilege is upsetting and can be disruptive to your life, you really can be defended.  You really can be returned to full driving privileges but you must react correctly and you must react quickly.

By sending you the Order of Suspension or Revocation, the California DMV has just notified you that you are being removed from the road for a medical disorder.  The department is not telling you they are investigating the matter or that they MAY take an action; they are not firing a warning shot.  The fact is, the suspension action has already begun and they are offering you an opportunity to show them why it is not warranted.

If you read the Order of Suspension/Revocation carefully, it will tell you what authority the DMV is using to suspend your driving privilege. It will also, however, tell you that if you wish to challenge the Suspension/Revocation of your license, contact must be made with the department within 14 days; and that is 14 CALENDAR days, not business days.

Once the Driver Safety Office has been contacted and your hearing date has been established, the real work begins...

The setting of your hearing is just the very first step in a marathon of important steps.  Setting a Lapse of Consciousness Hearing is much more than making a telephone call and setting up a date.  Some of the issues to be considered when setting a hearing are:

  • The proper venue for the hearing
  • The individual hearing officer assigned to the case
  • The timing of the hearing as it relates to the collection of evidence
  • The proper request for production of the DMV’s evidence

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