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Why does the DMV suspend a Driver License for a Lapse of Consciousness?

All California drivers recognize the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as the State Agency responsible for the issuance of driver licenses and automobile registrations.  What many people don’t realize is the sweeping power the DMV also possesses to suspend or entirely revoke the driving privilege of any person whom it suspects is not fit to drive.  One of the most solemn duties delegated to the DMV is to ensure that all persons who operate motor vehicles in our state maintain the Skill, the Knowledge and the Physical/Mental fitness to drive.

Physical or Mental Disorders Reviewed By The DMV

Under the category of Physical/Mental fitness, the DMV has the power to suspend or revoke a driving privilege if they suspect a driver of suffering with any physical or mental condition or disorder which may affect their ability to safely drive.  Some of the more common physical or mental disorders reviewed by the DMV are: Disorders of the Head, Neck or Spine, Seizures, convulsions or epilepsy, Dizziness, fainting or frequent headaches, Vision Disorders, Disorders of the heart or circulatory system, Heart attack, stroke or paralysis, Disorders of the lungs, Diabetes or high blood sugar, Kidney disease, Muscular disease, Sleep apnea, Narcolepsy, Mental health issues and or Drug or alcohol abuse

A Driver’s Ability To Safely Operate A Motor Vehicle……If a person has a medical condition in which they suffer any altered state of awareness, seizure, fainting or convulsion; the concern is that such an event could occur while driving.  If such an event were to occur while driving, the consequences could be catastrophic for the individual driver or other innocent people on the road.  Because of these dangers, the DMV will act swiftly to remove the accused driver from the road until such time as it can be established that their medical condition is well controlled and that they are safe to drive.  Essentially, the DMV will shoot first and ask questions later.

Fortunately, there is hope for the driver who has suffered the loss of their driving privilege due to a Lapse of Consciousness or Control.  With proper guidance and representation even a driver with a long history of seizure activity can be returned to driving.  Call the DMV Defense Experts at California Drivers Advocates immediately.  We have been fighting and winning Lapse of Consciousness Hearings before the California Department of Motor Vehicles for decades. Let us help you through the maze of the DMV.

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