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The DMV is suspending my license for a Lapse of Consciousness

What Are My Options?

 When the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) learns a person older than 14 has suffered a Lapse of Consciousness or Control, it has essentially three options:

  • Take no action: This is incredibly rare. In 99% of cases, the department will take some action to ensure the safety of the motoring public.
  • Order the driver into to a Re-Examination: This occurs where the information received by the department is vague or unclear and so the department conducts an investigation to determine if a suspension is warranted.
  • Issue an Order of Suspension or Revocation: With a Lapse of Consciousness or Control, this is most common action taken by the department.

Where the DMV elects to issue an Order of Suspension or Revocation, the department will send the order to the affected driver by US mail.  Most drivers are shocked when they open their mail box to find a letter from the DMV telling them the department is withdrawing their privilege to drive because of a medical condition.

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